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Our wood products are a renewable resource and the result of ongoing Forest Management and Fire Mitigation Plans, proudly Hand-Crafted in the US using Low Impact Manufacturing techniques. We've been working the same forests for decades in this fashion, and we're proud to be harvesting a great renewable resource that you can enjoy.

Unlike some "modern" metal (mainly aluminum) poles, wood hiking and walking sticks are both Eco-Friendly and Lightning-Safe! Why anyone would want to go hiking in a thunder storm with the equivalent of a TV antenna in their hand is beyond us. You also might want to consider the adverse environmental impact of aluminum (bauxite) mining, manufacturing and extrusion when deciding whether to choose metal or wood in a hiking stick.

How to Recycle? "When you're done with your walking stick, either return it to the forest (where it will just turn into compost over time), or better yet - pass it on to your grandkids!"

New for 2012 - the Planter's Staff has a seed packet with American Spruce and Pine seeds inside. Now you can buy a stick and plant a tree! When it grows it will spread more seeds and well, you just might start a forest!

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